Midnight Magic

Vogue Korea

There is something of the gothic huntsman about the Sparkling Heritage exhibition’s Sculpture showcase, photographed by Sang Myung Yoon at Arumjigi House, Seoul, for Vogue Korea. The theme for this lavish display was inspired by a verse of poetry, which translates something like this: “Dark room connects to the space, there is a wind from the sky like sound.” It means that we all must overcome difficult times to discover our true selves. Admiring this fabulous fantasy noir we’d like to think that—with the addition of a few choice jewels—there’s a fairytale princess waiting to be found in us all.

The medieval opulence is mesmerizing, with breathtaking jewels and costumes presented with unabashed theatricality. An Alexandre Zouari mesh headpiece drips with dazzling crystals, paired with a spectacular golden crystal crown by Masaaki Takahashi. List Shop’s deer head surreally animates a fur-trimmed and bejeweled theatrical costume from the 1950s. It does this similarly to a Wang Peiyi chiffon dress that’s been decorated with crystallized embroidery inspired by a broken mirror. In another still life, a hare wears Camila Klein’s statement necklace, bracelet and ring, all glittering with raindrop-cut crystals. Cango&Rinaldi’s eye-catching necklace displays octagon-shaped crystal rings tied with golden string. An ebony cupid poses on charred logs wearing Schield’s dazzling falling star earring-necklace set, while a Claudia Arbex Bueno crystal necklace is draped at its feet, beside a harp-inspired ear cuff by Colette Malouf. A disembodied hand drapes Iosseliani’s ethnic-style fringed necklaces over a black kettle to display their gorgeous graduated metallics. Another hand threads Konplott’s striking sycamore leaf-inspired necklace through a midnight web of threads. While sleek inky feathers provide the backdrop to Art Wear Dimitriadis’ wire-crocheted crystal bouquet earring-necklace set.

Set styling Seoyoon Choi (Darak)
Photographer Sang Myung Yoon