My perfect pair by Gina shoes

I am a real shoe lover. I love the idea of the strong shoe game where you are creating a look around a very special pair of shoes. The more unique and extraordinary is the design, it’s like a challenge for me. Last week I found myself in Gina shoes boutique in London spending an hour just staring at this extravaganza masterpieces, trying to realise which one should I take home (trust me, that was the hardest choice ever). Of course, Swarovski crystals are also part of the show – any sparkling pair by Gina is a real treasure.

We had a lovely chat with Michael, the creative director. One quote is still repeating in my head: «We are creating shoes to start a conversation with.» I think, that in this case there is no other way, because this shoes will always end up being a highlight of any party.

Here are some more facts about the brand, that I find super interesting:

Founded by master shoemaker Mehmet Kurdash, GINA have been making shoes in London since 1954.

GINA is named after Mehmet’s silver screen idol Gina Lollobrigida, whom he felt was the epitome of beauty and timeless sophistication

Today, directed by Mehmet’s sons, GINA remains a family owned English luxury brand committed to ‘Made in London’

Every shoe is handmade by over 50 artisan craftsmen and women at their London factory

GINA have a deep and enduring relationship with Swarovski that goes back to at least 25 years

My shoes name is TAYAH and I love this elegant design enhanced with a shiny red heel decorated with crystals from Swarovski. I created a look, that would work for both a busy day at work or a cocktail party.