Now and Forever – Bridal Brilliance!

“No stone un-sewn” might be the motto of Maria B. Mbroidered, the no-expense-spared, lavishly embroidered eveningwear brand that has made the name of Maria Butt in Pakistan’s fashion industry, and among the Asian diaspora across the globe. Three times a year she launches a couture collection consisting of ten showcase designs, and December 15 saw her launching its twelfth Wedding Edition to worldwide acclaim.

The elaborate Indian wedding, with its highly ritualized series of ceremonies, provided the structure for the collection. The Mehndi ceremony—traditionally when beautiful filigree patterns are painted onto hands and feet—inspired festive designs with splashes of scarlet, fuchsia, orange and aubergine; a decadent antique gold, glinting alongside hand-worked necklines, provided the highlights. The reception stage of the Indian wedding was the inspiration behind a breathtaking selection of silhouettes drawn in delicate pastels and embellished with floral motifs in pearl and crystal. Looking at the scene of the photoshoot for this edition—an 18th-century castle in London—it’s hard to imagine a more opulent look, even on a fairytale princess.

What has kept Maria B.’s star high in Pakistan’s fashion firmament since 1999? The secret is her stunning use of the finest chiffon, silk, organza and velvet; every piece displays a refined sense of color, impeccable tailoring, and the highly skilled intricacy of its embroidery. Embellishments range from exquisite gota work (a traditional appliqué technique that originated in Rajasthan, where tiny threads of golden ribbon are sewn into elaborate patterns) to hand-sewn Swarovski crystals and lustrous pearl work. If you value exceptional craftsmanship and mesmerizing traditional beauty above mere trends, a Maria B. Mbroidered bridal gown is not an indulgence—it’s a necessity.