They are everywhere! I have used them in denim fabric almost all the time: in jeans, in jackets, in bags, pants, skirts, but now they even come in sneakers!

These sneakers were a gift from Carlos for Christmas. I wear these a lot, I like how they combine with almost anything and they are so comfortable!

zapatillas-gucci parches

Of flowers, animals,bugs, numbers, fruits … whatever you want. Patches are ideal for an informal look that we can wear every day. At the beginning, I did not find much that I liked, so I considered buying the patches at haberdashers and sew them to what I wanted, but suddenly the stores where full of all kinds of clothes with the patches already on them, for me, that was the end to the “do it yourself” option …

14216456576_f8d7a27e86_oBomber con P

This look with this bomber is perfect, I love it and it is because of its knitted cuffs and the letter P patch, but foremost, it is very warm. It has been the perfect choice for cool chilly days.


Everything comes back, I wish we could all recover our mothers’ closet!

The fact is that patches are on strongly back on trend, as they were in the 80s, and as we should know by now, what comes around goes around! This applies always to fashion and this trend had to come back in this vintage age we are living.