Putting the Wow Into Winter

Whoever said that summer is the only season for having fun with your wardrobe? Our dedicated street style spotter, Sandra Semburg, went roving the boulevards of Paris and discovered plenty of women doing winter with serious wow. We find inspiration in some of her top looks.

Macs are big news, but stop right there if you’re thinking about your sensible taupe or navy wardrobe staple. We’re talking sheeny-shiny metallics and transparent designs. One fashion maven keeps it glossy with a fabulous electric-blue coat worn over sheer pants that rock a witty pin-stripe sparkle. Another is caught on camera in a see-through coat worn over a classic mac to give it a contemporary twist. The big detail here is black piping, which adds definition. Check that clutch, too: bejeweled belt buckles and brooch embellishments are another top story, and her diamante buckle looks fab set against a shocking pink python stripe. Across the street, a giant faux pearl brooch is the unmissable exclamation point on some cute black kitten heels. Yet another street style star checks her phone before taking a her seat at the show, giving us just enough time to snap those accessories: we adore the gold hardware on the bag, but be sure to note the skirt and matching belt buckle boasting a rainbow of sparkle. And if you can splash the cash, a crystal-blitzed Chanel chain bag will always add a Ritzy touch to a dull day.

Boots are another way to boost your winter style performance. There was no way Sandra Semburg was going to miss a shot of this shimmering pair. Square-toed and block-heeled, the silhouette is straight out of the 60s; the dazzle, however, is pure 21st-century brilliance. There isn’t an outfit on earth that wouldn’t get a lift from these boots. Our mystery woman’s equally mysterious companion turns down the volume a little, but only so that she may revel in the sheer luxury of sable-colored suede. Gorgeous. Meanwhile, turning heads with her own take on gothic drama, another fashionista teeters on a stiletto-heeled pair that are all buckles and pointed toes. It’s a tough look to carry off, but she had the fashion nous to soften the severity with something layered and floaty.


Photography: Sandra Semburg