Roses are Red, Crystals are too

Vogue Korea

Red is the color of roses, of lips, of blood, of the heart…of passion. Set passion against the purity of white, and the effect is brilliantly seductive, as seen in Vogue Korea’s eye-catching series of portraits shot by Kim Suk Jun. Each image was created to showcase the masterpieces of couture on display at Swarovski’s Sparkling Heritage exhibition at Arumjigi House, Seoul, at the end of 2016.

Vintage is styled with contemporary, and embellished with crystals from Swarovski to carry off this virtuoso performance. A theatrical headpiece from the 1980s tops a silk blouse from Low Classic and crystallized scarlet Louboutins. Following it is Sarina Suriano’s crimson and gold crystal mesh cape layered over gauzy whites from Moohong and Recto. Pushbutton’s scarlet shirt is softened with a crystal-studded pink collar by Vivetta and cinched with a 1980s Swarovski crystal bra. A spectacular crystal cuff inspired by the ballet, Swan Lake, set off with Cesare Casadei’s ice-queen platforms, are cool against Recto’s fiery crop top and Johnny Hates Jazz skirt. Octavia Yang’s lavish statement necklace based on a traditional Chinese pattern is the showpiece of the next outfit, setting off a bodysuit by YCH, lustrous leather pants by Nohke J, and a Moohong jacket with bold lettering. Sergio Rossi’s ruby strappies were designed to celebrate the 70th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. Matched with a cascading crystal origami necklace by Chan Luu and BMUET(TE)’s pleated and ruffled shirt, they shimmer with the glamour of Old Hollywood. The Greek goddess Minerva inspired Betony Vernon’s oversize crystal-encrusted neck cuff, complementing an off-the-shoulder dress from Nohke J. Swan Lake makes another entrance in an opulent swan costume glittering with crystals, with an oversize white shirt by pushBUTTON providing its simple backdrop. Finally, Gaurav Gupta’s lavishly crystal-encrusted bib-necklace vies for top billing with Sara Battaglia’s fabulous satin-lined crystal Lips Clutch. A sleek bodysuit by YCH, a barely-there shirt by Recto, and pushBUTTON’s sumptuous jacquard dress—all in contrasting textures of white—add to the drama. 


Photographed By Suk Jun Kim
Model Jaekyung Shim
Hair Dongjin Jang
Make Up Minji Kim