Runway Runaway

Travel in ethnic style this season

The earth is your oyster this Fall and Winter. And all the world a backstage.

Channel your inner Shiva with a hooded silk gown by Vionnet. Kenzo updates Japanese Noh Theatre for bold-patterned unisex ninja chic. Valentino visits the romantic past with deep crimson-dyed wool that will give the impression you have just stepped out of Doctor Zhivago for the final act. The ceremonial shaman gowns and provocatively sheer Indian sarees bridge the gap between cultures in a seamless fashion. Etro draws heavily on African patterns for this lapis lazuli-lined cape that works in tandem with a high-waisted pencil skirt. And Chanel dares to marry the tulle poppies of Afghanistan with a Valencian widow’s veil and black silk crop-top that says mourning is over, let the new day begin!