Sartorial Style for Suave Men

Customized Clothing from Cotte Yolan with a Sleek Crystals from Swarovski Finish

Leading new-era dressing with its custom consumer culture revolution, Cotte Yolan is a brand that allows you to design a made-to-measure garment on an app (we call it “app-arel”). Yesterday’s high-end tailor is now a smart factory using 3D printing and the finest materials.

Sartorial Style for Suave MenWant your bespoke tux to shine with Swarovski buttons in Jet? You got it. Want your shirt’s buttons to match? Simple. It’s all about exercising your own choices. And once you’ve tailored the tux, elevate the look with some standout luxe – a rope of monochrome Crystal Pearls boasts serious luster. Look out for the brand’s “One person, one version” style philosophy! Sartorial Style for Suave Men