Skirts and fun

If I have to choose a garment that obsesses me, that is the skirt, with its different shapes. Endless styling possibilities!
I’m turn crazy with pleated skirt, with sneakers or stunnings heels it´s one of my favourite types of outfits. Undeniably skirt is one of the biggest trends of the year. I love to combine skirts with casual tops or blouses to create a special looks.

The most trend now are the pleated skirts with a touch of shine. In addition, you can also make a casual and, at the same time,a glamourous outfit.


I´m in love with my new ruffle skirt with vichy print, it´s so trendy and femenine and fits perfect for all the siluets. The pencil skirt is also one of my must have garment, It has been trend for many seasons and is still here.

With the most femenine garment that exists we can create outfits for any occasion, No matter if is summer or winter.