Life is like a sparkling kaleidoscope


spark silver jelwery with swarovski crystalsEvery day is a kaleidoscope of different events, emotions and experiences, taking us from one moment to another in a blink of an eye. In our hurry we can miss the most important things. Now you do not have to worry about the fleeting time. The Spark Silver Jewelry from the new “Kaleidoscope Catalogue” is all that it takes to make the important moments last forever.

Spark Silver Jewelry – is like a woman’s spirit – in one moment gentle and timid and a while later fierce, brave and confident. The ideas from Spark Silver Jewelry will make you look at life like a twinkling kaleidoscope. They astound with their array of colours, draw the attention with the various shapes and sizes and ignite the imagination with their shine, leaving an unforgettable impression.

spark silver jelwery with swarovski crystals

Here you will find endless possibilities to match jewellery with your outfit and have fun with fashion. For your everyday style Spark presents the Basic Collection that focuses on Swarovski crystals which come in myriad of colours, effects, shapes and sizes. The crystals are set in 925 sterling silver and will boost any dress with elegance and chic. Each piece is carefully handmade by a team of skilled and dedicated workers who pay attention to deliver a product of an excellent quality.

For self-confident woman, full of dynamics and passionate about fashion the Designer Edition is perfect. It’s a sensual extravaganza of fantastical forms, imaginative colours and innovative crystal cuts adorned with crystals from Swarovski® designed by Jean Paul Gaultier and Céline Cousteau.

Match jewellery with your outfit and have fun with fashion!

spark silver jelwery with swarovski crystals