Specs that’ll see you Spinning Around… in a good way!

Specsavers have teamed up with Kylie Minogue for another collaboration and it is SO GOOD guys.  I decided that I wanted a pair of specs that would take me from the office to dinner, adding some sparkle that was perfect for day AND evening wear. Of course Kylie Minogue knows how to add some glamour, she has embellished her eponymous line with gorgeous Swarovski crystals!

September is all about back to work and back to school – I’m going to be so bold as to say it is the beginning of the ‘new’ New Year. I have spent the best part of the year pretending that I didn’t need glasses… squinting to read my phone/ book/ timetable.  It was getting a bit much, although I just couldn’t seem to find any specs that really fit my personality… so I just kept on squinting.  Well finally enough was enough and I decided that a ‘New’ Year meant I needed to find some new glasses…  And find them I DID! 

Pop superstar, fashion icon and designer Kylie Minogue unveiled the latest additions to her eyewear, available exclusively at Specsavers.

Each new pair in the Kylie Minogue Eyewear collection takes its name from one of her classic tracks, including All The Lovers and Spinning Around (my personal favourite!!). The six glasses, two fashion-tinted glasses and one sunglasses frame have joined the rest of the glamorous collection in Specsavers stores nationwide in the UK.

With Kylie describing the style cues as ‘reinterpreted retro’, the collection features a chic mix of rose gold, soft pastels and classic monochrome, adorned with delicate Swarovski crystals – and her unmistakable ‘K’ tag.

Kylie said: ‘The sparkle detail I’ve included in a few of the frames means they can be easily switched from daytime wear to night-time… perfect for my virgin journey into spec wearing.  xxx



All other pieces can be found over at Specsavers