Starry, Starry Night

Perfect Crystal Jewelry Shines More Brightly Against Infinity Black

Take inspiration from the midnight sky and showcase your favorite sparklers against a deep velvety “blackdrop”. Vintage-style, silvery Crystal Pearl and clear crystal pieces by Sorelli, Dimitriadis and MiEstilo all have what it takes to shine like the heavens.

Sorelli bracelet and stud earrings, Made with Crystals from SwarovskiIn a subtle twist on timeless classics, decorative silver ball edging gives an antique feel to Sorelli’s Riveting Romance cuff bracelet and Simplicity stud earrings. Clear round crystals mean that these pieces can be worn with anything. Simply perfect.

Dimitriadis Sky bib necklace Sky Bridge earrings, Made with Crystals from SwarovskiThe Planets collection by Dimitriadis brings a glittering network of stars down to earth. The Starry Sky bib necklace features an exquisite tracery of 153 Light Chrome and clear crystals, and the Sky Bridge earrings hang crescents of dainty Swarovski Crystal Pearls and clear crystals from large (12mm) and luminous moon-like Crystal Pearls.

MiEstilo Wanderlust collection, Made with Crystals from SwarovskiTears of joy prompted by sparkling raindrops falling from the St Petersburg sky inspired MiEstilo’s designer Oxana Beznina to create these pieces for its Wanderlust collection. The silver earrings and necklace use Raindrop Flat Backs to recreate that special moment. Here, they are teamed with a simple ring of 14 XIRIUS Rose crystals.