Street Styles

Sports casual has never looked so fabulous

Sporty casual has never looked so fabulous. Dress up a dressed-down look with a few sparkles that will give you maximum style plus the cool and comfort to get you through the mad dash from one fashion event to the next. Because let’s not kid ourselves, ladies: that’s a sport in itself!

From green knit golf chic to mesh crop tops, baby blue parkas to hoodies paired with sequined mini skirts, it’s all about mix ‘n’ match. That’s what will keep them on their toes. Fine black leather trousers cut to look like a pair of sweats produces a look that’s both an instant classic and very much of the moment. And then there’s the reverse—dressy ankle-length coats made from Eighties-style silk team jackets material in teal or blue. 

Tote your goods in a retro bowling bag and doll up a pair of wrestling boots with pink fuzz and silver detail. And last but definitely not least, bright white sneakers: always a staple, they are this season’s must-have.


Photography Lena Juergensen