Tarun Tahiliani’s Material Obsessions: Bloom Couture Collection 2019

The Art of Dressing has been Elevated to the Realm of the Extraordinary, Thanks to Tarun Tahiliani’s Swarovski Crystal-blitzed Couture.

Lavish fabrics and eye-popping decorative detailing from Tarun Tahiliani steal the show at India Couture Week 2019. Prepare to be amazed.

Intricate flowers in sumptuous hand stitching and tiny sparkling crystals; a palette of electric blue, plum, violet fading to delicate rose, coral and palest pink. Welcome to Bloom, Tarun Tahiliani’s 2019 couture collection, unveiled at the July 29 climax of India Couture Week in Delhi.

Renowned for his ornate designs, Tahiliani has produced a stunning collection of around 70 pieces, each true to his vision of marrying India’s textile skills and heritage with the very best in modern couture styling – or, as he describes it poetically: “The delicate confluence of artistic traditions and the pragmatism of the times we live in.”

Showcasing jaw-dropping bridal and occasion wear, Bloom draws inspiration from Kashmir’s kashida embroidery, with its floral motifs and exquisitely fine thread work, as well as reaching into other cultural aesthetics with French knots, lace and ombré beading. Building on his longstanding creative alliance with Swarovski, he describes his creations as shimmering “like moon dust…alluring and particularly lovely at night.” No one outdoes the maestro in the art of the metaphor any more than they outdo him in the art of crystal couture. Breath-taking.

We’ve worked with Swarovski since the 90’s. This successful long-term association over the years has witnessed some of the most iconic, luxurious and memorable creations made with crystals from Swarovski. We Indians love the winking light, the luminescence and sparkle of a diamond, especially for weddings. And so, it is an honour once again to collaborate with Swarovski to create magical garments using traditional Indian techniques.says Tahiliani on his association with Swarovski. Taking the collaboration forward, Tarun Tahiliani joined Confluence – India’s designer jewelry collective in the year 2018 and came up with his first jewelry line for the brand “Tarakanna” since then he has been an integral part of the exhibit.