The Beauty of Geometry

Accessories with Unique Crystals and Geometric ShapesThe human eye is naturally drawn to unique, geometric shapes – especially when it comes to accessories that blur the lines between architecture, jewelry and sculpture. From functional timepieces to decorative necklaces and more, it’s time to add interest to your accessories wardrobe with these talking-point pieces.

Necklace by Spark, Made with Crystals from SwarovskiThere are myriad ways to use a Swarovski Slim Triangle Sew-on Stone – but this necklace by Spark is a true design original. The large, symmetrical silhouette of the white crystal has a contemporary touch, yet it maintains a subtle elegance that reflects the Polish brand’s knack for creating timeless pieces. And rather than store it in a drawer when you’re not wearing it, drape it over a sculpture in your home – it also makes for a stunning art piece.

Saga watch, Made with Crystals from SwarovskiYou might use your smartphone as your main timekeeper these days, but a watch has always been more than just a functional accessory: it’s a piece of jewelry, too. For proof, look to Saga Watches, whose geometric line style features a black crystal fabric that shimmers through the transparent dial. It’s a watch you can wear everyday – and an accessory you’ll want to wear with every outfit. You might even use to find out the actual time.

Bellabeat wellness and fitness tracker, Made with Crystals from SwarovskiBoth a sculpture and an accessory, the Leaf Crystal wellness tracker by San Francisco-based Bellabeat has a large Flame Flat Back and the delicate shimmer of Crystal Fine Rocks on the bracelet. It’s functionality, fashion and luxury at its very best. Functionality, thanks to its technology, which helps women manage and improve their health and wellbeing by tracking sleep and activity patterns, hydration, reproductive health, stress sensitivity and more. Fashion, because it can be worn as a clip, a necklace, a silicone bracelet or a crystal bracelet and features an elegant design. And luxury – because we all deserve a little bit of glamour in our every day.