The New “It-shoe” from Havaianas

Dial up a Cool, Casual and Quirky Summer Vibe with a Pair of Swarovski Crystallized Havaianas.

Once a beach favorite, they’ve now acquired fashion icon status. So how did a brand founded in 1962 pull off the greatest fashion trick of all by turning a humble flip-flop into a sought-after, high-fashion footwear item? Check out the latest creations by Havaianas and you’ll see how…

Inspired by the Japanese Zori sandals with rice-straw soles and V-shaped straps, today everyone’s wearing Havaianas, from Hollywood to Bollywood, New York to New Delhi, dressed up or dressed down. We’ve all fallen for Brazil’s easy-going, endless-summer vibe.

Havaianas, Made with Crystals from Swarovski

Havaianas fans who dropped by Swarovski’s Wanderlust pop-up in Shenzen’s Uniwalk mall at the end of June were thrilled to discover two brand-new gleaming styles, handsewn by skilled artisans in Alagoa Nova, Northeast Brazil. The You Riviera Sandals comes in navy or silver with Swarovski crystal-blitzed T-shaped straps designed for “off-beach” wear. The Crystal Luna Special Sandals, in black, gold or silver, with braided straps and delicate crystals individually hand-applied in a diamond format, has been specially created for summer in the city.

Why do we love them? They tell the world that we don’t take ourselves too seriously and that it looks silly to try too hard when it’s hot outside. Treat your toes to a pedicure, then wear your Havaianas with jeans, of course, but with skirts and dresses, too – even with tailoring.