The Only Watersport Wardrobe You Need

Cutting-edge Couture Meets High-performance Functionality in Kalypse’s Watersport Activity Wear.

For an adrenaline rush that has as much to do with how perfect you look as how perfectly you ride the waves, go no further than Kalypse. This French brand has revolutionized the wetsuit, taking it from purely functional to equally fabulous thanks to exclusive technology and cutting-edge design.

It’s Kalypse’s technical developments, achieved at their workshop in Montpellier, France, that have given neoprene a new identity. Using unique 3D software, the company’s advanced digital cutting technique tailors each wetsuit to fit the specific body contours of the wearer, as well as giving customers a choice of color and detail.

It was comments from women watersport enthusiasts on how few wetsuits provided comfort as well as style that motivated Kalypse’s designer Nathalie Szcerbinski-Marchac. In response, she set out to design a women’s collection “that evolved around female morphology inspired by the Bond girl – a woman who is athletic, elegant and stylish.” The outcome? A range of wetsuits offering not just optimal thermal protection, flexibility and buoyancy in the water, but sophistication, too. Using Swarovski crystals to create a bejeweled effect at the neck, wrists and ankles, she has brought a distinctive “warrior chic” to watersport activity wear. The future of watersports looks sparkling!