The Sweet Spot

Swarovski Crystals Sweeten Sokolov’s Jewelry Collection

There’s a circle of cities in central Russia boasting so much cultural artistry that they are known as the “Golden Ring of Russia”. So, it is fitting that the brightest jewel in the ring – the Kostroma region – is the country’s jewelry-crafting capital. This is where leading Russian brand Sokolov has been creating gorgeous pieces since 1993.

This season, it has sparked an explosion of candy colors with a collection of rings and earrings sparkling with Swarovski crystals, including silky Crystal Pearls. Sleek gold and silver silhouettes cut the sweetness with a cool, contemporary edge, giving wear-with-anything versatility. You can be sure that you’re being as ethical as you are stylish, too, because all of the precious metals come from authenticated sources.