These Boots are Made for Dancing

Made by GINA in Collaboration with Swarovski, A Short Film About Desire Captures the Underground Fashion Aesthetic Around the Brand’s Astonishing, Crystallized, Thigh-high Boots.

You may have seen A Short Film About Desire, the must-see fashion movie made by GINA. No? Then watch it here. While dancer-model-actress Lea Vlamos is clearly the star of this seductive film, it soon becomes apparent that what she’s wearing shines just as brightly – specifically, those incredible boots!

“Don’t be afraid to be in the light” is a guiding principle that has propelled Lea Vlamos’ talent to the very top. Swarovski might also claim it as a motto: its light-filled crystals are the signature of GINA’s latest footwear collection, which has the dazzling VLAMOS boot at its heart. Fully crystallized with 11,000 stones, they are worn sensuously over the knee, enfolding the legs in a spectacular show of skin-tight sparkle.

When you watch how fluidly she dances in them, it becomes clear that those star-scraper heels can also be worn comfortably by mere mortals: “It’s rare that the boots aren’t just meticulously made but are comfortable too!” is her expert verdict (as a dancer, she knows a thing or two about sore feet).

Trained in ballet, Paris-born Lea Vlamos discovered voguing as a dance form in New York in 2013, soon joining the House of Ninja collective of movement artists. She has since worked with the likes of Issey Miyake, Hermès, Adidas, Nike, Vogue, Jean Paul Gaultier and Dior, as well as rapper Stromae, and can be seen in Gaspar Noe’s movie, Climax. All these worlds – couture, music, dance, modelling and film – collide brilliantly in A Short Film About Desire. Its aim was to interpret the dynamic relationship between subject and object (the wearer and the boots), which made voguing the ideal medium: this move-and-pose dance style has its roots in the 80s camp-couture “ball-walking” subculture of NYC, made famous by cult film Paris is Burning and Madonna’s pop hit. It was that underground fashion aesthetic that GINA and Swarovski wanted to explore – to discover a brilliant beauty in darkness.

The message is clear: follow Lea into the depths of desire and discover a hidden passion for VLAMOS boots.