This Inspired Life

Canadian designer Jason Wu is marking 10 years of his brand, his 35th birthday and his latest jewelry for Atelier Swarovski.

Designer Jason WuThe best present I gave my wardrobe was a great tailor.

When I shine in New York, I wear my custom Jennifer Fisher wedding band.

My repeat buy in terms of clothing isblack everything – T-shirts, jeans and hoodies.

My wish list includes a vintage Paul McCobb desk.

The scent that transports me to paradise is the Jason Wu fragrance! It was inspired by familiar scents from my childhood.

The five components of a fabulous dresswould have to be a sexy silhouette, impeccable fit, special print, feminine embroidery and modern architectural details.

I would describe my new Atelier Swarovski jewelry lines ‘Mosaic’ and ‘Prisma’ asexquisite, opulent and highly crafted.

At work I am often inspired by interiors. I love mid-century furniture pieces that, for me, are timeless.

The biggest design challenge is staying inspired and focused while working on multiple projects at once.

The best way to give back is to devote your time to people. Money isn’t always the answer.


Designer Jason Wu

My favorite apps are Instagram and Caviar.

The best way to correspond is via a handwritten note. I have an entire wall of them in my office.

My guilty pleasure is ice cream of any kind. And my favorite New York food find is Lady M mille crèpe cakes.

The most inspiring thing about travel ismeeting new people.

My flight essentials include a Moleskine notebook and a Sharpie for recording my thoughts.

The person who redefined elegance for today’s era is my muse and dear friend, Diane Kruger.


I never, ever, leave home without my grey Jason Wu Moshi charger.

When I need inspiration I turn to my studio’s team.

The one thing I would never part with are my cats.

The worst style faux pas is to be a fashion victim.

My proudest moment when dressing Michelle Obama for her husband’s inauguration was making her feel beautiful at such a moment in her life.


Designer Jason WuThe part of Vancouver that stays with me always is our home filled with antique furniture, curated by my mother.

The best icebreaker is a dirty martini.

The era that never goes out of fashion isthe 1950s.

When I go home to Taiwan the first place I go to is one of the Din Tai Fung restaurants.

On a Sunday you’ll find me hosting dinner at my home for my closest friends… or in bed.

I’m looking forward to unexpected collaborations.

My mother taught me to always remain a student in life and to never stop learning.
If my 35-year-old self could tell my 25-year-old self one thing, it would be… you have no idea.

The worst piece of advice I ever had was to use ice cubes instead of water on my bamboo plant.

I knew I’d made it when…I’m not sure I have yet.

It’s never too late to say thank you. 
The song that makes me groove is anything by the One Direction boys. No shame. 
If I had to be stuck in a lift with somebody it would be Henry Cavill.
The one thing that instantly makes a look feel complete is white sneakers.


As seen in Salt Issue 16 (Spring / Summer 2018)