Trenchs everywhere

The shops are eagerly looking forward to get the mildest temperatures, with this cold I can not stop thinking to arrive to a station a little warmer. Although now I am in the Canary Islands , running away of the extreme cold that it is in other places, so I can not complain so much.

Green trench

I keep seeing a super wide variety of trench in stores.

beige trench

I love them because they are timeless, so they are never too much at home. I have always used them a lot, I usually get out of trouble. If you fall into temptation and you buy one, do not worry, you will get all the game you were looking for a garment.


They are ideal coats for the temperatures in which it annoys to wear a supercoat but you cannot go out without anything. A basic garment, which also helps us to make a simpler look more special.

blue trench