Uptown Chic

Big Jewelry for Big Nights OutWhen you can’t decide what to wear to the party and end up wriggling into your favorite little black dress, it’s time to let the jewelry do the talking. And, boy, do these floral pieces from BaroQco and Otazu say it in outrageously extravagant style. You’ll enjoy the complements all night long.

BaroQco - Mangkunegaran - The Legacy, Made with Crystals from SwarovskiMangkunegaran The Legacy is an extraordinary collection by BaroQco. Its name is a reference to the Exposition Universelle of 1889, when Mangkunegara V – then the ruler of a princely state in Java – introduced his culture to the beau monde of Paris. Coming from the Javanese arts and crafts tradition, these statement pieces feature layers of intricate antique gold- and recycled silver-plated metalwork inspired by the region’s flora. You’ll find encrustations of Swarovski Fancy Stones and strings of semi-precious stones from Indonesia and Brazil. This is couture with meaning, however, because in Javanese mythology every color has a purpose: yellow and gold guard against sleepiness; blue against disease and disaster; black against hunger; red against evil; and purple against bad thoughts.

BaroQco - Mangkunegaran - The Legacy, Made with Crystals from Swarovski

Just as breathtaking, the Clématite necklace-ring-earring suite by Otazu combines iridescent Crystal White Opals, silky Crystal White Pearls and glittering clear crystals finished in rhodium to achieve a unique frosted floral beauty. Handmade in Europe, it was the clematis flower that inspired the design – a climbing plant that intertwines so intimately and beautifully that it has come to symbolize love. Simply stunning.

Otazu - Clematite necklace-ring-earring, Made with Crystals from Swarovski