Venus of the Chaos, by Diva

Coinciding with the latest Cannes Festival, artist Valérie Brusauro, “Diva”, presented her work “ Venus of the Chaos” at the elegante Larvor Interior designer showroom, just a stone´s throw from Croisette.

What´s more, the Boutsen design gallery, located at the Nice Airport Private Jet Terminal, was also able to welcome celebrities to present some of their collection pieces.

Venus of the Chaos, an exclusive series of three works, is the result of a very special collaboration between Diva, and the talented hairdresser Richard Soldé and makeup artist José Sánchez, both very well known in the world of Paris fashion.

For Diva, the Venuses are a reflection of our age and of a generation that lives in a mad world in conflict. A generation that is evolving towards a superficial existence, in which attraction to materialism and the search for beauty is separating us from our true essence.

This generation, however, is also seeking a new spiritual way forward to escape a meaningless future.  

Venus of the chaosVenus of the chaosVenus of the chaos“…Without darkness, there can be no light …”

The eyes of Diva´s Venus are made of crystal and reflect a new state of collective awareness.

In this work, Diva plays with the different shapes and sizes of the Swarovski Flat Back range to create some really unique voluminous 3D effects.

image004Venus of the chaosThis series is also an introduction to the artist´s new project, which initiates the creation of  personalized portraits for their most exclusive customers.

Venus of the chaos