Viva Coeur de Lion!


Coeur de Lion NecklasesKnown for cutting-edge jewelry with fresh and vibrant colors, this German jewelry brand (“lion heart” in English) has conquered the world, occupying pride of place in high-end stores across 30 countries. You might have heard of its GeoCUBE Collection, now stocked by the Bauhaus Museum, the Smithsonian, and London’s Royal Academy. Here, a GeoCUBE necklace pushes beauty boundaries with a full-spectrum pastel palette of Swarovski Pendants and Beads. Like a summer’s day in all its colorful, sparkling glory.
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Coeur de Lion BraceletsColors Roar When the Sun Comes Out!
Coeur de Lion plays with sparkling pastels to capture all the joy of summer. But it’s the precision cutting of Swarovski’s Beads and Pendants that punctuates the GeoCUBE’s distinctive design language. Stunning.
#crystalsfromSwarovski #swarovskiforprofessionals #coeurdelion #handmadeingermany

Coeur de Lion PendantBig versus small
In a witty meditation on scale, Coeur de Lion encircles a large Swarovski Flat Back with a rainbow of dainty Cupchains. The resulting contrast ensures that the muted spectrum of this pendant-earring suite is lit up by an extraordinary play of light. Fabulous!
#crystalsfromSwarovski #swarovskiforprofessionals #coeurdelion #handmadeingermany