Walk This Way

Photographer Valentina Frugiuele snaps style on la strada

Valentina Frugiuele is a street and fashion photographer whose work you’ll see in the likes of Madame Figaro, L’Officiel Mexico, Vogue China, Schön! Magazine, i-D Italy, Grazia, Glamour, L’Edito, Lurve and Brand Magazine. Born in Italy, she moved to Paris in 2006 to follow her passion.

While most of us hurry along the street to get to the office, Valentina Frugiuele’s office is the street itself. She never rushes—she strolls, keeping a watchful eye on what’s going on around her, because that’s where she spots her subjects: everyday people with their own personal style and flair. 

Streetstyle has changed a lot over the years, she believes—its ephemeral nature is what characterizes the genre. Before, the look was ‘everyday’ elegant; now, people dress to impress and be photographed by bloggers, with new players entering the stage all the time. Currently, Valentina cites Yuyu Fashionbook and Gilda Ambrosio as two super-exciting street stars. Already known for their unique style, lately they’ve exceeded themselves: “Yuyu defines happiness and fun, always colorful and with funny accessories, while Gilda has elevated the concept of the casual look to another level.” 

As to the future of blogging, the concept of streetstyle and the whole blogging industry have exploded over the past three years, she says: “It’s difficult to predict how it’s going to evolve, but I think we’ll probably return to a less over-the-top style with looks that everybody can take inspiration from to suit their everyday lives.” Meanwhile, enjoy the street-fashion pageant, as seen through Valentina’s lens.