Nails Go Glam with Crystalpixie Edge™

Frankly, if you’re not rocking the new nail art, then you must have been out of the country. Here’s what’s happened to fingertips while you weren’t looking: chintz-floral peasant chic; pierced nails with monochrome and crystal accents; filigree golden graphics on natural gloss; neon ombré disco graphics on vinyl black; child’s play pastel dots, splodges and splashes; holographic multi-chrome effects meets gothic ombré graphics; psychedelic exotica alternated with citrus acids; sugared almond and candy textures; and dramatic monochrome points that reinvent the classic French manicure. It’s a revolution! Meet Crystalpixie™ Edge.Take your pick of six super-trendy shades, packaged in 5-gram shots with bottle caps faceted to match their contents: White Ballet, with its White Opal delicate alabaster; mysterious Sahara Blue, its Bermuda Blue crystals recalling Middle Eastern mosaics; the floral romance that Cyclamen Opal brings to Blossom Purple; Tropic Seafoam—a turquoise ocean conjured with Mint Alabaster crystals; the fiery passion of Indian Siam crystals in Heart’s Desire; and the rainbow colors of Crystal AB that gives Cute Mood its girly-pop vibe.

Here’s where to get the new Crystalpixie Edge™: