Smart guidelines and ideas to improve your sales!

To support you and help to maximize your product sales, we offer a holistic approach to Visual Merchandising (VM). Our toolkit includes a comprehensive VM Guide covering in-store and window display, as well as furniture and POS design. Individual segment-specific guides are also available.

Download the full VM Guide, or select the version appropriate to your segment. Start with the short version if you’d like a brief overview.

To get a realistic feel for how eye-catching your crystallized POS can be, do take a look at our video and accompanying brochure:

Our tools are there to help you catch the attention of passersby, tempt them into your store, and finally buy your products. We strongly believe that when Swarovski crystals are part of a POS display, they set a brand apart from its competitors.

We are very happy to work with you to create exciting solutions—according to your budget or needs.